Max Madhock

Name: “Max Madhock”
Date of Birth: 15.Mai 1985
Place of Birth: KarlsruleZ
Living Place: Freiburg
Height: 1,89 m
Weight: ca. 80 Kg pure muscle mass
How long do you hocker and how you got into it? At the juggling convention Bremen there was the first Sitzrunde, at my birthday i got my first own Sporthocker from mummy!!!!
Sporthocker weight and color: SH1 2,1kg specialized and strongly sexwaxed (Cold Water Mr.Zogs)
Favorite Tricks:i call it “Kniekieler”
Achievments: SH ambassador of Südbaden and world vice champion 2009, TV and newspaper reports, survived 5 SH collateral damages
Other activities: Begleri´s
Last Words: “Zwirbeln und Wirbeln bis die Schwarte kracht!!!”