Videos: HockHart 2015 – – SALZIG Sporthocker

The amazing HockHart crew: Ace, Alfred Hitchhock, Anne, Extremia Nico, Franzi, Hannes, Hockeraxel, Hocktator, Jenny, Josh, Kira, Leo, Lion, Lucke Hockwalker, ML, Marc P., Merlin, Mr.Hat, Nico, Noel, Philippo, Pixel, SL, Sevi, Sventastic, Torsten, Ulli, Zoë

Filmed by Michael & Stephan Landschütz
Thanks to Red Bull, Satch, Stabilo, Zirkus Zack

The Bourgeois – Whenever I’m With You / Be Your Own Machine

Sunday 4pm the full movie will be online… Enjoy the trailer!

The legendary One Take Shot – einfach sehenswert:

The photos from last year:

You want more? Registrate for the HockHart camp here:

One take wonder / HockHart Camp 2015 / SALZIG Sporthocker

A new Sporthocker world record made by 28 persons in one single take: The one shot wonder @ BER with the amazing HockHart crew!
The cew in order of appearance: SL, Sventastic, Kira, Josh, Franzi, Sevi, Alfred Hitchhock, Extremia Nico, Hockeraxel, Anne, Lion, Lucke Hockwalker, Noel, Ulli, Ace, Jenny, Leo, ML, Torsten, Philippo, Merlin, Mr. Hat, Marc P., Hannes, Pixel, Zoë, Nico

Filmed by Michael & Stephan Landschütz
Music by Juanitos – Everybody Loves The Partys

See you next year! HockHart 5th-8th may 2016!

I like the freestyle – SALZIG Sporthocker

SALZIG sporthocker presents “I like the freestyle”
Starring: TJ Rawdon, Pixel, SL and special guest Supertramp

Music: ProleteR – By The River

Edited by: Stephan Landschütz

It was a really nice time in Berlin with TJ Rawdon from the USA! He has a natural ability to hock and his style is really unique. TJ is a chilled person and a great friend… always ready for the next session!
Keep on pushing your limits on the tricks, dude!

HockHart Camp 2013 – SALZIG Sporthocker

HockHart Camp Berlin 2013:
Acephalic, Addo, Alex, Alfred Hitchhock, Crazy_M, Dave Hockable, Friedi, Fynn, Hannes, HockSi, Hockaweser, Hocktator, Janick, Jenny, Johanna, Jonas, Josh, Justus, Kira, Lea, Leo, MarcP., Martin, Merle, Merlin, ML, Momo, Nadine, Nico, Oli, Philippo, René Tabouret, Sabrina, Severin, SL, Suse, Sventastic, Zoë

Tymono – Welcome to 2013
feat. Hazermonical, Jondog Dready Kruger
Tymono – My heart
Tymono – Intro

Thanks: SALZIG, Hof23, Red Bull, Stabilo
In Kooperation mit TheMa e.V.

HockHart Battle:
Platz 1: Marc P.
Platz 2: Zoe
Platz 3: Nico
Platz 4: Momo


HockHart 2014:

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