Hock Around – the new Sporthocker show from SL300 & Sventastic

Hock Around– the new Sporthocker show from SL300 & Sventastic
Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/hockaround/

The premiere of the “Hock Around” show in front of 2000 acrobats and jugglers at the Monday Open Stage at the EJC2016 was awesome! The Music was mixed and composited by Lars Moston, check out https://soundcloud.com/lars-moston.

Check out some nice pics here or at the blog from Luke Burrage

Jung Joon Young, Kangin, Jin Woo Jeong, Cheol Woo Lee and Bboy Snake from South Korea in Berlin

The South Korean Hit Maker Jung Joon Young, Kangin, Jin Woo Jeong, Cheol Woo Lee and Bboy Snake came to Berlin and made a show with the Berlin Hock Crew at Alexander Platz. It was such a nice time with the Style Icons! The Berlin Hock Crew with Lucke Hockwalker, Nico_B, Jonas, Benjamin, Dennis, René Tabouret, Sventastic, ML and SL did some crazy moves in front of 300 viewers… what a day, Hock’n’Roll!

KING OF HOCK 2015 /// Results

KING OF HOCK 2015 Overall Winner: SL

Battle of Hock:

1st place: Philippo
2nd place: Sventastic
3rd place: Josh

Best Trick:
1st place: SL
2nd place: Leo
3rd place: Mr.Hat

One Minute:
1st place: Nico
2nd place: Sventastic
3rd place: Hockeraxel

Best Kid: Lucke Hockwalker

Best Double: Hockerrocker.de Racing Team

More participants: Dennis, Hannes, Alfred Hitchhock, Kerim, Marc P., Marian, Mogli, Nico B., Pixel, Sevi, VS Hockrock

Jury: The participants
DJ: Der Donlt

Thanks Red Bull, satch by ergobag, STABILO und SALZIG
Thanks to everyone! It was hard, it was crazy and it was a tight final! At the end, the KING OF HOCK was made through a H.O.C.K. Game of Nico, SL and Philippo. SL won and is four times KING OF HOCK.

All videos: http://www.sporthocker.com/en/2015/10/king-of-hock-2015-videos/

One take wonder / HockHart Camp 2015 / SALZIG Sporthocker

A new Sporthocker world record made by 28 persons in one single take: The one shot wonder @ BER with the amazing HockHart crew!
The cew in order of appearance: SL, Sventastic, Kira, Josh, Franzi, Sevi, Alfred Hitchhock, Extremia Nico, Hockeraxel, Anne, Lion, Lucke Hockwalker, Noel, Ulli, Ace, Jenny, Leo, ML, Torsten, Philippo, Merlin, Mr. Hat, Marc P., Hannes, Pixel, Zoë, Nico

Filmed by Michael & Stephan Landschütz
Music by Juanitos – Everybody Loves The Partys

See you next year! HockHart 5th-8th may 2016!

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