Hock Around – the new Sporthocker show from SL300 & Sventastic

Hock Around– the new Sporthocker show from SL300 & Sventastic
Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/hockaround/

The premiere of the “Hock Around” show in front of 2000 acrobats and jugglers at the Monday Open Stage at the EJC2016 was awesome! The Music was mixed and composited by Lars Moston, check out https://soundcloud.com/lars-moston.

Check out some nice pics here or at the blog from Luke Burrage

YOU 2016 – Fotos & Video

The YOU 2016 was a nice session in the summergarden of the ICC Fair in Berlin. Super weather, a lot of workshops, tons of Red Bull and a some bruises made the weekend to… whatever, check out some nice pics and the video:

Jung Joon Young, Kangin, Jin Woo Jeong, Cheol Woo Lee and Bboy Snake from South Korea in Berlin

The South Korean Hit Maker Jung Joon Young, Kangin, Jin Woo Jeong, Cheol Woo Lee and Bboy Snake came to Berlin and made a show with the Berlin Hock Crew at Alexander Platz. It was such a nice time with the Style Icons! The Berlin Hock Crew with Lucke Hockwalker, Nico_B, Jonas, Benjamin, Dennis, René Tabouret, Sventastic, ML and SL did some crazy moves in front of 300 viewers… what a day, Hock’n’Roll!

SALZIG Sporthocker Video Award – the results

Check out the winners and nominees of the SALZIG Sporthocker Video Award 2015!
Respect to all the participants, thanks for the nice videos and
Dicken Respekt an alle Teilnehmer, vielen Dank für die eingereichten Sporthocker Videos und congratulations to the winners and nominees! It was a long and nice night at the SALZIG Shop in Friedrichshain.
Thanks to Red Bull, satch by ergobag and Stabilo.
The SALZIG Sporthocker Video Award will take apart next year too! Now… enjoy watching the videos!

4 Video Kategorien:

Best Male Performance: HockerAxel
Nominiert: HockerAxel, TJ, Philippo

Best Female Performance: Kira

Best Trick: Alex
Nominiert: Alex, Hannes, Lucke Hockwalker

Best Crew: Hockerrocker
Nominiert: Hockerrocker, Zirkus Kumpulus, Tshepo, Travis & Graeme

3 Spezial Kategorien:

Best Video Idea: Hannes
Nominiert: Hannes, Kira, Hockerrocker

Best Video Production: Hannes
Nominiert: Hannes, Nic, TJ

Most Video Views: Tshepo, Travis & Graeme
Nominiert: Tshepo, Travis & Graeme, Hannes, Nic

Bock auf mehr? Schau Dir die Videos von 2014 an: http://www.sporthocker.com/award-2014/

Hocktoberfest 2015 – results, photos & video

Das Hocktoberfest 2015 war eine spannende Meisterschaft und am Ende gewann Sventastic zum zweiten mal in Folge den Titel. Respekt an alle Teilnehmer!

1. Platz und Meister der Welt: Sventastic
2. Platz: Hockeraxel
3. Platz: Philippo
4. Platz: Josh
5. Platz: Hannes

Bester Trick: Hannes
Beste Gruppe: Hock Boy Hock

Weitere Teilnehmer: Alfred Hitchhock, Hocki van Almsick, Laser Lars

Jury und Organisation: Die Hockstars BenDenn, Orc von Rumänien, Romski Laroid
Moderation: Günther Setzer /// Turnier Dj “SAY CLAP” /// Technik: Micha (Beleuchtung), Emanuel (3Lab)
Danke an: Die Pumpe e.V. , die vielen Helfer /// Sponsoren: Cleptomanix, Salzig Sporthocker, Support Skatestore

Das Video kommt morgen!

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