Name: Merle
Date of Birth: 29.01.1990
Place of Birth: Berlin
Living Place: Kiel
Height: With my head in the clouds.
How long do you hocker and how you got into it? Already in the first grade I´ve been the child who fell from the chair. 13 years later I´ve seen the Sporthocker at the YOU 2009 and I realized: It´s not me, it´s the chair. Since then I prefer the Sporthocker.
Favorite Tricks: The main point is proper slapping and swirling.
Achievements? KING OF HOCK 2011 – Best Woman
Hocktoberfest 2010 – 3rd place
Battle at Salzig 2010 – 4th place
Sylt Battle 2010 – 2nd place
Other activities/hobbies: swimming… and as becomes a student of philosophy keep sitting sometimes and reading a book.
Last Words: Rinjehaun!