Name: Trenton “TJ” Rawdon
Year of Birth: 1987
Place of Birth: Kansas City, Missouri USA
How long do you hock and how you get into it?: Summer 2012 found out about it on a blog and after watching some videos I wanted to try it. Then I ordered one and starting practicing mostly in my backyard.
What was the most incredible moment with your Sporthocker? I had several incredible moments during practice sessions but the most exciting moment would have to be landing the triple hardflip after trying it for so long.
Achievements: Best Male Performance / Salzig Sporthocker Video Award 2014
Winner / Stabilo Stripe up your Life Contest 2013
Winner / Triple Hardflip Contest 2013
Sporthocker Weight 2.0kg
Inspiration: My Family, Breakdancing, Music, People and Cultures
Other Activities: Poker, Cryptocurrency
Last words: The love you withhold, is the pain that you keep.