Ass cold? The cuddly, deep black feltcircle! Now available!

It is fat 5mm thick and fits with its 25,5cm excellent on your Sporthocker (SH2). It does not slip on your Sporthocker because of its rubber coated down side. Perfect for snug sitting-sessions and long-termsitters.
Hot deal seating comfort out of black woolmixfelt, it fits also on other stools, chairs and benches. Sit down comfortable!

You can order it comfortably in our webshop:

You want Pink? There it is, the Sporthocker SH2 Pink

Sooo amazing! SALZIG Sporthocker SH2 PINK!
And now available again: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and Black! Yes Yo!

Display your’s courage and wish a colored Sporthocker for X-Mas!
It’s not a lot of time for the shipping anymore, so order now and happy HockMas!
Check the SALZIG Webshop:

New: Carrying Strap TG2 in SHORT and LONG

Short: The short carrying strap is the best choice up to a body height of 1.80m (5’11”).

Long: If you are taller than 1.70m (5’7″), the long carrying strap is optimal.

Entrainment the easy way. The very robust carrying strap is made of high-quality 25 mm belt strap and is comfortable to wear.
You don’t have to carry your Sporthocker in your hands and you are still ready to hock within a few seconds. The SALZIG label has got a handy name tag on its back. The carrying strap from SALZIG is a stylish accessory, which fits every outfit.

SALZIG Sporthocker Webshop:

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